We Answered some common questions here

I need to Know more about the wallets

It's a simple process you will buy the desired wallet from us we will send you a wallet.dat file witht the password(if needed) you will import it into some wallet software that supports .dat files like bitcoin core.

But the easiest Way : Upload .dat wallet file and get a wallet with that amount : https://login.blockchain.com/wallet/import-wallet

Why You Sell Bitcoin For Bitcoin?

We Do not Sell Bitcoin For Bitcoin , We Exchange This Bitcoins To Other Crypto Currencies And Buy Giftcards For Our Sellers.

How Much Time Takes To Get My order?

It takes 1 to 2 hours.

Why You didn't Put full address of the wallets?

because of safety , we don't want someone spy your after that we send your order.

Why You Have Limits For Purchases?

Because Safety , We Need Less Attention For Our Business .

How To Buy Bitcoin?

Go to this address: https://localbitcoins.com/

I need a Bitcoin Wallet , Where can i get from?

Go to this website: https://blockchain.com/

How Can i Buy Transfers With higher amount?

For now We can just send up to $5000 Bitcoin , Send us email : allbitcoin@privatemail.com

Can I Get Your Transfers In Cash or Other Transfers Like Paypal?

Sorry But It's not safe for us to have this much money come into our accounts suddenly and we must deal with all kinds of government agencies. And we do not want that.

Your Qustion not listed here?

Reach us via Email: Allbitcoin@privatemail.com

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